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KlipTrio® wins Product OF THE YEAR

KlipTrio® 3 in 1 Pet Nail Clipper and Disposable Styptic Powder Cartridges™ Wins the 2023 Independent Innovation Pet Award Nail clipper of the year.

Pet grooming is an essential part of caring for our furry companions, and one aspect that often requires attention is nail clipping. Regularly trimming a pet's nails is crucial for their overall health and well-being. In recognition of its outstanding innovation and functionality, the KlipTrio® 3 in 1 Pet Nail Clipper and its accompanying Disposable Styptic Powder Cartridges have been honored with the prestigious Independent Innovation Pet Awards 2023 PET NAIL CLIPPERS OF THE YEAR. The Independent Innovation Awards program is the industry’s most robust recognition platform for the innovators and leaders of the pet industry. Built to recognize the most outstanding companies, services and products within this rapidly expanding the Pet industry.

The KlipTrio® 3 in 1 Pet Nail Clipper stands out as a game-changer in the world of pet grooming. Designed with precision and convenience in mind, this innovative tool offers pet owners a comprehensive solution for maintaining their pet's nails effectively and safely.

Key Features:

Three-in-One Functionality: Unlike traditional nail clippers, the KlipTrio® combines a nail clipper, file, and styptic powder applicator in a single device. This multifunctional design streamlines the grooming process, saving pet owners time and effort.

Disposable Styptic Powder Cartridges:

Accompanying the KlipTrio® is the revolutionary Disposable Styptic Powder Cartridges™, designed to address the common issue of bleeding during nail clipping accidents. These cartridges contain a hemostatic powder that aids in stopping bleeding quickly and effectively.

Key Features:Quick-Acting Formula: The styptic powder within the cartridges is formulated to stop bleeding in an instant, providing immediate pain relief and reducing discomfort for pets. Its fast-acting properties make it an invaluable tool for managing accidental cuts.

Mess-Free Application: The disposable cartridges eliminate the need for messy powder bottles or containers. Pet owners can simply attach the cartridge to the KlipTrio® and apply the styptic powder directly to the nail. This convenient design ensures a clean and precise application every time.

Hygienic and Safe: Each cartridge is single-use, ensuring a hygienic experience for both pet and owner. The styptic powder is formulated with pet-friendly ingredients, making it safe for use on animals.

Winning the Independent Innovation Pet Awards 2023 Pet Nail Clippers OF THE YEAR is a testament to the exceptional design and functionality of the KlipTrio® 3 in 1 Pet Nail Clipper and its Disposable Styptic Powder Cartridges™. This remarkable grooming tool revolutionizes the process of nail clipping, offering pet owners a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety, convenience, and effectiveness.