How to Trim Your Pet's Nails

  • Use the KlipTrio's surgical-grade, stainless steel clippers to trim your pet's nails, one at a time.
  • Start by clipping a little at a time or use file to shave down nail.
  • Be cautious not to clip the nail vein.
  • Use extra caution with dark nails when visualization of the vein is not possible.
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  • If nail is trimmed too short, use the hygienically sealed styptic powder cartridge to quickly stop the bleeding and provide immediate pain relief.
  • Simply push the injured nail through the center of the X on the green cap, and use the nail to puncture the protective foil below rubber cap.
  • Gently insert the injured nail into the styptic powder contained in the cartridge.
  • One cartridge can treat multiple nails on the same pet, during the same grooming.
  • Once a cartridge has been punctured, please do not use on a different pet, or save used cartridge for future grooming of the same pet. Simply discard in trash and insert styptic powder refill cartridge for next pet, or future trimming.
  • Use integrated nail file to smooth any rough edges that may be left after trimming.
  • If nail is trimmed too short, cutting in to the nail vein, and styptic powder was applied, either refrain from filing the injured nail, or use extreme care, so not to worsen the injured nail, or cause additional pain.

Use your KlipTrio to Provide Positive Reinforcement

Teach your pet to see the nail trimming process as something positive when using the KlipTrio. Fill your empty cartridge with peanut butter, cheese wiz or their favorite treats, or use our soon to come KlipTreatO™. It will help reduce fear and they will view the nail trimming experience as something rewarding.

This is very beneficial as an approach in a Veterinary setting as well as in a Grooming setting.