About The Designer

Alexandre Contreras, a native-resident of Miami Florida, developed a love for animals at a very early age. This love and passion for quality healthcare for all animals, led Alex to pursue a career animal healthcare, earning a 'Veterinary Assistant' degree from Penn Foster in 2009.

Alex advanced his career a step further, becoming a 'Certified Canine Massage Therapist', through Equissage International, the leader in equine and canine massage therapy training and certification. Following his certification from Equissage, Alex opened 'DogApy', a canine massage therapy service company, which he still operates on a part time basis.

Through education and training, and a desire to provide quality care to animals by obtaining in depth hands on training and experience, Alex has developed a well rounded approach to overall pet care and pet health.

After performing hundreds of nail trims, and experiencing the unfortunate occasion of clipping a nail too short, Alex saw the need for a safer, more sanitary, and more convenient way of applying styptic powder to the injured nail. This was the basis for the development of, once the nail file was added to the design, the KlipTrio. Not only would it be the first ever 3-in-1 pet nail clipper, it would also be designed with the first ever 'Disposable Styptic Powder Cartridge'.  Combined with an integrated stainless steel nail file, the KlipTrio design was completed.

When he's not running around with this son Kayson, and their rescue pup, Chyna, Alex enjoys reading, fishing, and football. Alex also enjoys creative hobbies that stimulate mental and spiritual growth, as well as designing additional products to promote healthy pet care and grooming.